Photos of the Baby's Room

I've finally taken photos of the baby's room to share with you. And while I sometimes feel like this room will never be "done" (whatever that even means), I decided that it's time to just show it as it is - a work in progress for a little one soon to arrive. (click on the photos to see them larger if you like)

I made the flag banner by hand, as well as the painted artwork hanging on the wall. On the shelf is a green piggy bank from grandma, a piece of art that I made, and some vintage blocks. I had the photo frames already thrifted and repainted.

I made these fabric hangings just by stretching vintage inspired fabrics that I love over embroidery hoops. Just to add some color to the side of the room with the closet.

This is probably my favorite part of the room. There is no overhead lighting in our house so I put together a group of Chinese lanterns and we hung them from the ceiling. The large white one actually lights and is connected to the light switch on a dimmer.

I painted that piece of artwork and knitted the blanket that hangs on the crib.

The flag banner hangs above the bathroom. There is a full bathroom connected to the baby's room. It is also green and aqua blue in there.

A close up of the hanging lanterns above the crib.

These pillows usually live on a futon couch that is also in the room. But for picture's sake (and since I can't get the futon to fold back up to a couch on my own) I put them in the baby's crib. They don't really live in the crib though. (I know, I know, SIDS).

I know so many of you wondered what I would do with the room since I am not the type that likes the "theme in a bag" from places like Babies R Us, so I hope this gives you a better idea of what we do enjoy in our house. It came together slowly but surely and I'm really happy with it. This room has 4 windows in it and as you can tell, it gets tons of sunlight. I sort of love that about it. I'm 36 weeks pregnant this week and it's finally starting to feel like the end is near. Although I'm certain that time is slowing down and my belly is growing by the minute. I'm definitely feeling ready!

Let me know what you think of the baby's room! He/She will be making it feel homey very soon. XO, Meg


  1. I LOVE the room! You are one super crafty and creative girl! Can't wait to see that little one in there :o)

  2. Oh Meg! It is BEAUTIFUL! I never really made much fuss over the room for my baby/ies (they have always shared) and honestly..right is in a pretty sorry state. This is GORGEOUS. I love the colors. I love the simplicity. I love all the things you made (especially the blanket! it looks great!). should be so proud. It is just perfect.

  3. oh and just in case you are wondering who the hell Stephen is...apparently my husband is signed in on my computer!! You don't have a gay stalker. Sorry! :)

  4. SO SO Cute Meg! I might just steal your embroidery hoop idea. That's genius! When we did Henry's room, I had leftover material from the quilt I made him, and I couldn't bear to get rid of it. I wanted to use it to decorate his room some way but never quite figured out how (originally I was going to do a memo-board, but the fabric pieces were too small and I never got around to it). But the hoops are so simple and cute!
    I love all the original art you did too. Adorable!

  5. The baby's room is adorable. So cute and creative. Now just bring on the baby! :)


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